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Name: Mark Torstenson (Marco, Mojo).
Location: All Huntsville, all the time.
Stats: Happily married, 2 kids over 40.
Day job: Co-owner of The Fret Shop.
Tools: Guitar, Tres, Cuatro.
Previous engagements: Most recently, The Frigidaires, Blue Savoy Combo, Latin Rhythms, and the Plymouth Satellites. Playing for: 30+ years.
Favorite MGG song: Bacalao con Pan.
Song to add to the list: Ban Ban by Rabanes (Panamanian soca).
Favorite bands: Los Lobos, Iguanas, Buena Vista Social Club, Los Super Seven, Grupo Fantasma, Ozomatli.
Fantasy Gig: New Orleans Jazz Fest or anywhere in New Orleans.
Buy me a drink: Beefeater martini, dry, up, twist or olives.
A little more Cajun or a little more Latin?: Cajun heritage with a lot of time in Mexico.
MGG in five words or less (or in a haiku): A loose mixture of rhythm and language - a musical gumbo!
A MGG fan is: Bilingual, not afraid to dance, open-minded (musically and otherwise).

Name: José Joaquin Matienzo (No one called me José in PR — too many of us — so I was always Quino, short for Joaquin).
Location: On the edge... of Owens Crossroads by way of Luquillo, Puerto Rico.
Stats: Married, not by the preacher but by the heart, two beautiful kids, around 40.
Day job: A boring engineer.
Tools: Noise makers — congas, timbales, washboard, bongos, etc. — and some vocals.
Previous engagements: Latin Rhythms.
Playing for: On and off all my life. I always jumped in at any street party and played with the impromptu groups in PR.
Favorite MGG song: Too many, but I'll say Lupita and Callejero.
Song to add to the list: I really want to do some Ricky Martin (ha!). No seriously, there are these songs from Carlos Vive that I would love to do, but they are very complex musically and vocally.
Favorite bands: Tom Petty, Iguanas/Lobos (of course) and currently Dave Mathews.
Fantasy Gig: Nothing big — a City Stages or Jam big stage
Buy me a drink: A perfect rum and coke with a lime squeeze (Cuba libre).
A little more Cajun or a little more Latin?: Only my girlfriend knows...
MGG in five words or less (or in a haiku): Cool, soothing, complex-to-make, easy-to-hear, high-energy sounds.
A MGG fan: Drinks a beer and can tap his/her feet on rhythm.

Name: Newt Johnson
Location: Huntsville
Stats: Awesome hair, winning smile
Day job: Full-time musician
Tools: Accordion, piano, vocals.

Name: Steve Motz
Location: Huntsville by way of Denver.
Stats: Married, 3 kids, over 40
Day job: Electronics Engineer.
Tools: Saxophones.
Previous engagements: Ken Watters, UAH Faculty Jazz Ensemble, freelance.
Playing for: 30-plus years.
Favorite MGG song: Que Tristeza.
Song to add to the list: Giant Steps.
Favorite bands: Miami Sound Machine, Sonny Rollins Quartet, Modern Jazz Quartet.
Fantasy Gig: Bebop.
Buy me a drink: Gin.
A little more Cajun or a little more Latin?: Cajun.
MGG in five words or less (or in a haiku): Smokin'.
A MGG fan is: Fun loving, forgiving and energetic.

Name: Jim Cavender
Location: Huntsville
Stats: Almost 7 ft. tall, cool glasses
Day job: Professional axe man
Tools: Bass, Vocals

Name: Mike Dendy (Iron Mike, Secret Weapon).
Location: Native Huntsvillian.
Stats: Forty-something, happily married, beautiful family.
Day job: Uh, engineer.
Tools: Drums, percussion, vocals.
Previous engagements: Roadside Pharaohs, The Lost Troubadours, Trio El Camino (currently).
Playing for: Since inception, I think.
Favorite MGG song: Manteca, Going Back to New Orleans.
Song to add to the list: Freebird or Brown Eyed Girl, in Spanish, or some Mariachi.
Favorite bands: Snake Doctors
Fantasy Gig: One that pays as well as an engineering job and lasts as long.
Buy me a drink: Una mas cerveza, por favor.
A little more Cajun or a little more Latin?: It's all good!
MGG in five words or less (or in a haiku): Universal groove / Embracing all who hear it / To hear is to feel.
A MGG fan is: A music lover, rhythm lover, lover.